Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is there a permit required to move a garage, house or any other oversized/overweight load on a county highway?

  • How do I get a new driveway or field entrance on a county highway?

  • Is Farm Equipment exempt from overweight and oversized laws?

  • Can I install a sign in the right-of-way?

  • Can you send someone out to pick up a deer?

  • I drove through wet traffic paint and got some on my vehicle. How do I remove it?

  • A stone chipped my windshield while driving on a County Highway; who is responsible?

  • What if my mailbox is damaged during snowplowing operations?

  • How can I stay informed about emergencies?

  • How can I develop a Family Emergency Plan?

  • How can older Americans and individuals with disabilities and other access and functional needs prepare for emergencies?

  • How can pet owners prepare for emergencies?

  • What should be included in an Emergency Supply Kit?

  • What is Probate?

  • Are probate records on the internet?

  • How can I access standard court forms?

  • How can I file a claim against an estate?

  • What do I have to do when someone dies?

  • What are some types of probate procedures?

  • Do I need a lawyer?

  • What does the personal representative do?

  • Can I obtain adoption records?

  • When is the second installment of my postponed real estate taxes due?

  • Does the County Treasurer set up repayment plans with taxpayers?

  • How does the Treasurer determine if a real estate tax payment is considered timely?

  • What happens if I miss the January 31 deadline?

  • When are the real estate property tax bills mailed out each year?

  • What happens if I don’t receive a real estate tax bill?

  • Where do I pay my Taxes?

  • How to buy a plat book?

  • How to pay taxes online?