Clinical Services

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Mental Health

Human Services provides a variety of mental health and substance services to individuals residing in Marquette County.  Services are offered at 480 Underwood Avenue, Montello, WI  53949  If you feel you need more information or wish to schedule an appointment, contact the receptionist at 608-297-3181.

Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Program

Marquette County Human Services provides AODA Outpatient Services to individuals residing in Marquette County.

Individuals meet with a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor to complete a drug/alcohol assessment to determine appropriate services.

If you feel you need help with a drug or alcohol problem, contact the receptionist at 608-297-3181.

OWI Assessment

Individuals who have been charged with Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) are required to complete an OWI Assessment as part of getting their drivers licensed returned. This is a one-hour assessment that is different from a standard AODA assessment and the fee must be paid in full before the assessment can be completed.

Individual Therapy

An opportunity to work in a safe, caring and confidential setting with a licensed counselor, to explore your feelings, beliefs and work on current and past challenges, memories and experiences.  You set your personal goals and work toward your desired change.

Group Therapy

Option as determined by treating clinician.

Mental Health Case Management Services

Community Support Program

The Community Support Program (CSP) is coordinated treatment for persons with severe and persistent mental illness. The goal of CSP is to assist and support people with mental illness to live as independently as possible in the community of their choice, and to live a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Comprehensive Community Services

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) provides a recovery-focused approach to service provision for children and adults with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.  CCS can help people who need ongoing, comprehensive services to help them live, work, participate in their community, and ultimately reach a level of recovery in their illness.

Psychiatry Services

A referral to our psychiatrist can be made if there appears to be a need for medication to help manage mental health concerns. Psychiatry Services offered through Human Services are somewhat limited and we encourage utilization of other physicians in the area if possible.


Northwest Connections

24 Hour Mental Health and AODA Crisis Line- 1-888-552-6642