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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Highway

    • A stone chipped my windshield while driving on a County Highway; who is responsible?

      Typically stone chips are a road hazard the vehicle owner is responsible for correcting. Occasionally a stone chip may be caused by Highway Department operations. If you feel the operation negligently caused the stone chip, you will need to file a claim against Marquette County. The first step is to contact the Highway Department at (608) 297-3068 and ask to speak with the commissioner or a supervisor. Please provide them with the date, time and location the stone chip occurred. If you know the number from the Marquette County Highway truck and any other detailed information please provide it when you call. 

    • Can I install a sign in the right-of-way?

      NO. Only official signs are authorized by the Highway Department may be placed in the right-of-way. Official sign include speed limit, stop signs, curve and intersection warning signs, and road names. (NO REAL ESTATE, RUMMAGE SALE, POLITICAL OR OTHER ADVERTISING SIGNS ARE ALLOWED IN THE RIGHT-OF-WAY)
    • Can you send someone out to pick up a deer?

      The Marquette County Highway Department can’t pick up dead deer; however, you may report them to us at (608) 297-3068. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources contracts out for their removal. 

    • How do I get a new driveway or field entrance on a county highway?

      New driveways require review and approval from our department. Driveway locations must adhere to the spacing regulations contained in the County’s Highway Policy and fee schedule. A representative from our department will review the application form and the driveway location to determine if the driveway is permissible. If you have any questions about driveway permits or State Highway permits please contact our office at (608)297-3068

      Please contact town officials for information about driveways on town roads 

    • I drove through wet traffic paint and got some on my vehicle. How do I remove it?

      Marquette County Highway contracts with other contractors to paint yellow roadway centerline and white edge fog lines on the county roads. The contractors use different paints. Please contact the Highway Department at (608) 297-3068 and we’ll help you determine which contractor was working in the area and how to contact them to get the information you need to remove the paint. You will need to know where and when you drove through the paint. Please have this information available before you call.
    • Is Farm Equipment exempt from overweight and oversized laws?

      NO – Farm equipment, or implements of husbandry (IOH), are not exempt from overweight and oversized laws. For additional information contact the Wisconsin State Patrol or see the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Bulletin Wisconsin Farmers on the Road – Size, weight, and load” (PDF)
    • Is there a permit required to move a garage, house or any other oversized/overweight load on a county highway?

      YES, a permit is required. There is a fee for the permit and the applicant must supply a current certificate of insurance. Depending on the size and weight, a Sheriffs escort may be required. 
    • What are your hours of operation?

      Summer Hours:

      Monday through Thursday: 6:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

      Winter Hours:

      Monday through Friday: 7:00 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.

    • What if my mailbox is damaged during snowplowing operations?

      If your mailbox was damaged during snowplowing operations, please refer to the Mailbox Policy for full details.

      If your mailbox was hit by a plow, contact the Highway Department via email or phone.