Local Emergency Plan Comm

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What is the LEPC?

Under the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act, each County in Wisconsin is designated as an Emergency Planning District with a local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC). LEPC membership is broad and includes representatives from; elected state and local officials, emergency management, law enforcement, fire service, local health, emergency medical service, local media personnel, community groups and industry.

What is the role of the LEPC?

Emergency Planning

Enables communities as a whole to prepare for hazardous chemical releases through emergency planning. This planning also provides information and facilitates training for the first responders who are called upon to protect the public in the event of a chemical accident. Your LEPC can provide you with information on evacuation routes, shelter-in-place procedures and other information you may need to help your family plan for a chemical emergency.

Community Right-to-Know

Increases awareness of chemical hazards in your community and allows you and your local government to obtain information about chemical hazards. If you are concerned about the types, amounts or locations of chemicals stored in your community, contact your LEPC.

Where are Hazardous Chemicals Found?
Hazardous chemicals are commonly stored at many businesses or industrial sites in above- or below-ground tanks, or in drums, cylinders, cans, bags, bottles, jugs or other containers.

How Do I contact my LEPC?
Please call: Aaron Williams at 608-297-3022

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