Worthless Check

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Marquette County District Attorney’s Office Worthless Check Program


Thank you for your interest in the Marquette County Worthless Check Program.  The following information is meant to guide Marquette County business owners and others that have received worthless check.  It is our goal to ensure that vendors and other victims are made whole by the individuals who have committed these offenses.  

The program is based on the recipient of the check taking certain preliminary steps and providing all needed information to the District Attorney’s Office.  If all necessary information is there, criminal charges will be filed and the individual writing the check will be summoned to appear in court.  Then, the possibility of dismissal of the case or other lesser penalties are offered to the check writer to promote early and full payment of the restitution to the victim. 

The following documents will provide businesses and other victims guidance in submitting a check to our office for consideration of charges  If you have any questions, please contact us at MarquetteWCP@da.wi.gov:

(1)        Instructions for referring worthless checks.  This is your guide for what is needed from you to be able to successfully file charges and get the restitution you seek.


(2)        A Worthless Check Information Sheet.  This is the actual document you will be submitting to the DA’s office.  It is very important that this is filled out completely.  If it is not filled out completely, our office may return it and inform you that we cannot charge the case.  If you have any questions about this, please contact the DA’s Office at 608-297-3020.


(3)        A restitution release form.  This form, which will be sent to you upon receipt of the Worthless Check Information Sheet above, is to be used if the check writer comes in to pay you for the check after our office has become involved.  Please complete and send this to us as soon as possible so we know that the debt has been paid.