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Payments of Fines & Forfeitures


Pleading Not Guilty Before Your Court Date
You may plead not guilty, but it must be in writing. The plea of not guilty must arrive in the Clerk of Courts’ office before your court date. Once the not guilty plea has been submitted you will NOT need to appear at your FIRST court date. You must include your citation number, current address, social security number and name on your plea. After the court date on the citation you will be notified of an appointment with the prosecuting attorney. You must appear at that appointment or you will be found guilty by default.

Pleading Not Guilty the Day of Your Court Date
When you arrive at the Judicial Center you will need to check in at the Clerk of Courts’ Office. If you plead “not guilty” you will be required to complete a form. Once the form has been filled out you will be directed to the appropriate room to meet with the prosecuting attorney. If the prosecuting attorney and you arrive at an agreement, you may be directed to return to the Clerk of Courts’ office to complete other forms, such as a payment application, or assessment forms.

Paying for your Fines/Forfeitures/Fees Online


Service fees for paying online

To pay in person or by mail:

In person:

Marquette County Courthouse
77 West Park Street
2nd Floor
Montello, WI 53949

By Mail:

Marquette County Clerk of Courts
PO Box 187
Montello, WI 53949


Forms and Filings


Complete listing of Circuit Court Forms


Family Court Filing/Forms

Marquette County is part of the 6th Judicial District for the State of Wisconsin.  The State of Wisconsin  has created forms for the publics use in filing for divorce with or without children. If you wish to file for divorce (without an attorney) in Marquette County you are encouraged to use the forms that are maintained on the State of Wisconsin Court Site.

Please make sure you read the instructions for each form carefully. 

If you currently have an order, but one party or the other is not complying with that order you will need to complete the Contempt Form and file it with the Clerk of Court.

If you wish to change an order currently in effect for child support or placement etc. you will need to complete the Motion for change form and file it with the Clerk of Court.

If you wish to obtain a copy of your judgment of divorce or paternity order, you may submit your request in writing.  You must include your case number, current address and telephone number.  We will review your file and call you with the amount that will need to be submitted prior to copies being made.  Pursuant to statute the cost is $1.25 per page and if the document needs to be certified it is an additional $5.00. 

If you do not know your case number you may go on the internet at www.wcca.wicourts.govand search for your case.  If you cannot find your case number you will need to include a $5.00 search fee, with your original request.



Restraining Order Filing/Forms

A complete listing of Restraining Order Forms and Filing Forms can be obtained through the Wisconsin Circuit Courts.