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County Committee Listing


 (First Supervisor named serves as Chairperson)



Agriculture and Extension Education Committee
& Land & Water Conservation Committee

Robin Buchholz - Chairperson, Bob Miller, Dennis Fenner, Kristen Skolarz, Suzie Seehaver (FSA Rep. on both committees), Mike Jacobi - Lake Assoc. Rep. on Land & Water Committee


Highway Committee

Ken Borzick - Chairperson, Al Gibeaut, Bob Goldsmith and Mike Raddatz - Exec. and Finance Representative, and Gary Thalacker




Parks & Rural Planning Committee

Bob Miller - Chairperson, Ken Borzick, Kathleen McGwin, Al Rosenthal

Appointed Members: 4 year term
Gary Doudna, Representing Business (7/2019)
Karen Wampler, Representing Municipalities (7/2020)                                                                                                One Citizen Vacancy 

Property & Long Term Planning Committee

Al Gibeaut - Chairperson, Bart O'Brien, Bob Miller, Jon Sheller, and Gary Thalacker

Planning & Zoning Committee

Ken Borzick - Chairperson, Al Gibeaut, Bob Goldsmith, David Krentz, and Kathleen McGwin

Public Safety Committee

Ken Borzick - Chairperson, Mary Walters, Al Gibeaut, Bob Miller, Jon Sheller.

Executive & Finance Committee

Bob Miller - Chairperson, Robin Buchholz, Mary Walters,  Al Gibeaut, Mike Raddatz, Kristen Skolarz and Ken Borzick


CAP Services Board

Kathy Jo Locke, Kristen Skolarz




Vocational Technical District and Private Industry Council

Bob Miller, Mary Walters

Winnefox Library Board

Kathleen McGwin (12/2019)

Aging Unit Advisory Committee

Mona McTier (5/2018) Lynn Schwochert (5/2018), Gary Thalacker (5/2017), Shirley Floeter (5/2017), Lyle Snyder (5/2017), Merna Frozene (5/2018), Sherwin Lloyd (5/2017), David Krentz (5/2019)


Transportation Coordinating Committee

Kathleen McGwin and Judi Nigbur


Board of Health

Kristen Skolarz – Chairperson, Mary Walters, David Krentz, Judi Nigbur, Jon Sheller, Suzanne McCartney (12/2019) Paul Wade, (12/2019),  William Franks MD. (12/2020), Mary Walters, (4/2020)

County Board Representatives on Fair Board

Robin Buchholz, Extension & Education Committee, Frank Breitenbach, Property Committee

Board of Election Canvassers

Gary Sorensen - County Clerk,  Roger Banicki - Democratic Party, Steve Janke - Republican Party

Board of Adjustment

Mike Jacobi Chairman (6/2017), Jan Banicki (6/2017), Mary Walters (6/2019) (1st Alternate), Sandra Vaughan (6/2018) (2nd Alternate) 


County Board Legislative Liaisons

Bob Miller, Mary Walters (CAP Ambassador)

Human Services

Mike Raddatz Chairperson (5/2020), Judi Nigbur (5/2021), Mary Walters (4/2020) - Executive & Finance Committee, David Matijevich (5/2021), Kathy Jo Locke (4/2020), Diane Zellmer (5/2020), Kristen Skolarz (4/2020) and Elsa Russell (5/2021), and Brittany Marshall-Zoellner (5/2019)


Marquette County Economic Development Corporation

Kristen Skolarz - Chairperson, Ken Borzick, Alan Gibeaut, Mike Raddatz, Gary Thalacker TREDC Board Members: Kristen Skolarz and Gary Thalacker, TREDC Revolving Loan Fund Member: Alan Gibeaut

Marquette County Youth Organization (Fair)

Gary Skolarz, President, Dave Timme, Vice-President, April Steinke, Secretary, Babette Mehling, Treasurer Robin Buchholz, County Board Representative


Marquette County Historical Society

125 Lawrence Street, P.O. Box 172, Westfield, WI  53964, Phone: 608-296-4700

Leroy Stublaski, President, Ed Thalacker, Vice President, Carol Claesges, Secretary, Joanie Ingraham, Treasurer, Curator, 


Historical Society Liaison

Property Committee Elects

Veterans Services Commission

James Schurk (6/2019), Gilbert Hundley (06/2017), Gary Hooyman (6/2018)


Fair Board

Robin Buchholz


ADRC Advisory Committee

Kathy Jo Locke (5/2020) and Mike Raddatz (5/2020)



Recommendation that no County Board member be appointed 



Mary Walters



Recommendation that no County Board member be appointed


Tourism/Visitors Bureau 

Al Rosenthal


Highway Traffic Safety Commission

Mike Raddatz

Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC)

Bob Miller and Ken Borzick 


Criminal Justice Collaboration Council (CJCC)

Ken Borzick

Housing/Transportation Needs Sub-Committee of CJCC

Mary Walters


Safety/Risk Management

Bob Miller and Jon Sheller


Lake Districts

Jon Sheller (Buffalo Lake), Kathleen McGwin (Kilby Lake), Al Rosenthal (Lake Emery), Robin Buchholz  (Lawrence Lake), Ken Borzick (Montello Lake), Dave Krentz (Sharon Lake), Dennis Fenner (Tuttle Lake) Mike Raddatz (White Lake), Al Rosenthal (Williams Lake)