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Seasonal Weight Restriction


           Pursuant to Section 349.16 Wisconsin Statutes, the Marquette County Highway Department will be imposing seasonal weight restrictions on various County Trunk Highways.  The typical timeframe for the postings would be implemented in March and terminated in April, or May, and will be dependent upon weather and surface conditions.  Please check the counties web site for the start of the restrictions.  The weight restrictions will become effective as soon as the signs are in place, which will be located at various intersections advising the public of the seasonal weight limits. 

 If melting snow or rain causes thawing at an unexpected rate the restrictions may be applied earlier,   PLEASE WATCH FOR THE SIGNS!  Miles posted are limited to 6 tons per axle; 24 ton gross.

These weight restrictions are for County Trunk Highways only.  Any weight restrictions on State, City, Village, or Town roads are handled by each individual entity.   Special concessions may be made in emergency situations on a case-by-case basis through the issuance of a single trip permit with fees charged.  The seasonal weight restrictions for Marquette County Highways are as follows:


                 Total Number of Axles                                       Maximum Gross Weight

                      Two (2) Axles                                                       12 ton (24,000 lbs.)

Three (3) or More Axles   (Straight Truck)                                18 ton (36,000 lbs.)

Combination Vehicles (Tractor and Trailer)                              24 ton (48,000 lbs.)


The following County Roads will not be posted under this weight restriction:

County “CX” (from Columbia line to CTH D)

County “O” (from CTH CX to 6th Ct)

County “M” (from CTH D to the village of Westfield)

County “CH” (from village of Westfield to Waushara line)

County “C” (from STH 23 to Fox Court). 


Please watch for the signs!


These weight restrictions will be in place until highways have regained their strength and the frost has dissipated.  Notices will be posted on the county web-site, when the seasonal weight restrictions are removed. 

By order of the:

Brian Trebiatowski

Marquette County Highway Commissioner

Public Notice


Marquette County will not be offering sand or a sand/salt mixture for the public’s private use.  The office of the Wisconsin Attorney General has given the opinion that providing or selling any material for private use may be unlawful and such materials may only be used for a public purpose, such as sanding public roads. In the event of an extreme ice storm there could be permission granted from the Highway Department for a small quantity (a five gallon bucket) of a sand/salt mixture only. This will only occur during the highway departments scheduled work hours.


Marquette County Highway Department