Current Bids Being Accepted

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               The Marquette County Highway Department will be accepting sealed bids for the 2016/2017 Project Cycle Local Road Improvement Program (CHIP-D project number 16042).  The project consists of the following two segments: 

CTH J starting at CTH E to 9th Dr in the Town of Harris (2.3 miles x 24’) consists of Cold-In-Place recycling followed by the placement of a 3LT 58-28 S 1” leveling layer and completed by a 4 LT 58-28 S 1.5” Overlay nominal thicknesses, and

CTH J starting at the South abutment of the Bridge over the Montello River continuing east to STH 22 (5.4 miles x 22’) consists of the placement of a 3LT 58-28S 1” leveling layer followed by a 4LT 58-28 S 1” Overlay nominal thicknesses. 

Please quote price per ton of 3LT and 4LT 58-28 S asphalt only (FOB), and also price per ton of 3LT and 4LT 58-28 S asphalt placed, and also a deduction price per/ton for mix hauled by county forces.  The contractor is responsible for final measurements and material estimates.  

All material and workmanship must be in accordance with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Division of Highways Standards and Specifications.   Material testing and compliance may be monitored during this project.

               Sealed bids will be opened at 3 p.m. on April 29, 2019 at the Marquette County Highway Office.  Bids are due at time of opening.  The County reserves the right to reject any and all bids or to accept the bid/s deemed most advantageous to the county, segments may be awarded individually. 

Any further questions, contact the Marquette County Highway Department.  Bid Sheets are available upon request from the Highway Commissioner Brian Trebiatowski.  He can be reached at 608-297-3071 or

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