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Notice to All Marquette County Residents and Land Owners    

The ordinance was requested by the Sheriff of Marquette County as a result of the increasing amount of alarm systems being installed in Marquette County and the response to those alarms by law enforcement staff.

The purpose of the alarm ordinance is to establish regulations, standards, and controls relating to the type, use, and installation of police alarm devices.

As the Sheriff of Marquette County I encourage citizens and business’s to protect themselves and their property by using a quality alarm system. There is a whole host of vendors and suppliers of alarm equipment that will do a very good job of installing and maintaining the equipment that you purchase.

The ordinance is short but to the point. Basically, if you have an alarm system on your property and that alarm system utilizes a system that notifies the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office of any intrusions or problems at your property, you must have your alarm system registered with the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office. 

There is no fee for the registration and the information gathered from the registration papers will be kept confidential.

As you read through the ordinance you will see that there is a penalty portion as part of the ordinance.  This penalty portion is targeted for the alarms that are habitually malfunctioning and causing our officers to respond to alarms that are not authentic.

You may get a copy of the ordinance and registration form from the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office at 67 Park Street, Montello, WI or by clicking on the following links:

Microsoft Word Format

Alarm Ordinance     Application Form


Adobe PDF Format

Alarm Ordinance     Application Form

If you have any questions about the ordinance or the procedure, please feel free to contact the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office and they will be glad to answer your questions.