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Zoning - Ordinances

The following is a list of all Marquette County Zoning Ordinances.  Click on the name of the ordinance to read it in its entirety.

Building and Mechanical Code -- In effect in all municipalities in the County except Town of Springfield, Town of Shields, City of Montello, the Village of Oxford, Town of Oxford, and the Villiage of Neshkoro.  Marquette County does not do commercial building inspections.

Shoreland Zoning -- In effect throughout the entire county within 1000 feet of any navigable lake or within 300 feet of any navigable stream or river. 

General Zoning -- In effect in the 10 zoned town(s).  

Amendment to Zoning Ordinance 16

Mobile Service Support and Facilities Ordinance -- In effect in the 10 zoned town(s).

Zoning Administration -- In effect in the entire county.

Floodplain -- In effect in the entire county within the designated floodplain regions.

Sanitary -- In effect in the entire county. 


Rural Address -- In effect in the Towns of Buffalo, Crystal Lake, Douglas, Harris, Montello, Moundville, Neshkoro, Newton, and Shields.  Contacts for the other Towns are below:

                    Mecan - Clayton Masters - 920-295-4810

                    Oxford - Keith Wohlfert 608-586-5534

                    Packwaukee - Janny Slama - 608-589-5626

                    Springfield - Terry Janke - 608-296-2096

                    Westfield - Karl Schulz - 608-296-2554